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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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court fight over the president's health care law, focus on the health care scare right now. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and today dozens of routine health care procedures may be on the verge of disappearing. everything from ekg to breast cancer screening and doctor groups are issuing recommendations today. we will get reaction from ron paul, first, and more on what is on the chopping block and what folks on the block are saying. >>reporter: the medical groups are recommending that 45 medical procedures be performed less often and if they are to be performed they are instructing those patients to urge caution in accepting the procedures to be done. the list of tests and procedures they advise against or discouraging patients to take
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include ekg during a physical even without sign of heart trouble. cardiac stress test and preoperative x-rays, because many profitable tests are performed unnecessarily and may harm patients. by some estimates a third of medical spending not united states is from unnecessary treatment. on the other hand, other efforts to limit testing for pants -- patients patients have prompted backlashes. some advised women to be screened less frequently forest cancer, and that stoked fear about increasing government control over personal care zigs and the rationing of the treatment. we heard similar backlash on the street today after this report was relocated. >> it is ridiculous. >> cannot cut corners on health. >> if you do not test more will die.
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>> early prevention and early detection is a must. >> it is her republican -- horrendous. >> they say this was united states ins to limit the practice performing tests out of fear of medical mall practice lawsuits if the problem is actually missed as a result of not accepting the screenings, while the group makes no connection to the president's health care law, the fact is, the law does not which you tort reform so the fear of those lawsuits it will, indeed, persists and outside of the group we hear specialists and petition care advocates expressing caution about the new proposed guide lines saying it could result in mistreatment of patients and obviously that would come at the patient's expense. >>neil: thank you. my next guest says the public has nothing to sear from the proposed changes baked into the medical care, and the former
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chief operating officer for blue cross-blue shield. so, this was coming, why, doctor? >>guest: well, it is a good initiative. i was listening to the lead in, and the point i would lead with, we know that there is a lot of overutilization, unnecessary testing procedures and so forth in medicine and lots of great studies have shown that. what i leak about this initiative is it is coming from the medical profession from the specialty groups, and in the form of suggestions for them to think about and consider. for the patients and doctors have a discussion. most of the recommendations in my judgment, are, really, benign in not getting close to the edge of trying to say you should have this for sure or you shouldn't have this for sure.
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>>neil: but if you don't look like you have a problem and all things being equally it is an unnecessary expense or what? >>guest: this is based on medical evidence, the best medical care we know leads to the best out come not based on cost. >>neil: why make them, then? >>guest: well, because you get better medical care when you do the right thing. >>neil: so we are coming from and you could be right, but we are coming from a position in this country or view in this country, that just that we test, we test, we test, we try to isolate something and get something before it become as bad something and many hear of this and are saying, well, they are cutting back on the type of tests and procedures and i could be in health trouble as a result. what do you say?
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>>guest: i say maybe they have done not the best job in communicating what they are trying to do. you have to ask them about that. but this is about proper medical practice. about doing the right thing. and, remember, a test, really, is an indication of the probability either increasing the probability or lowering the problemmibility that -- or lowering the problemmibility that something exists. >>neil: you are the doctor, i'm not a i am -- i'm not asking that, i am asking, doctor, i always feel that tests, you can evertest them, i understand that but if we think all these tests and scans are not necessary, but something will sleep through the crack, right? >>guest: let me make this point. some of the testing is harmful. let me give you an example. we know something we did not use to follow before, but excess
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exposure to radiation. >>neil: understood. but what is the harm of an ekg. >>guest: probably not a lost harm in getting an ekg but it could lead to a perception that something else is wrong as sort of a false positive, if you will, which leads to another test, which leads to a roar, and somebody gets hurt or their life, you know, is taken, and by going down the wrong track when nothing was wrong to begin with. so, it is a fine line, i give you that. for sure. but i just trust that this is the right approach that the groups have tried to come forward with and i help they do a good job or a better jobs, it sounds like they may have already done in communicating the purpose. >>neil: you communicate add heck of a lot better than they have, sir, so, maybe they should call you. doctor, thank you much. to another doctor, you might better know him as ron paul the
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presidential candidate, but he is a doctor by training, so dr. paul what do you make of this? >>guest: well, i think it is not a bad idea to look at overtesting. but why think you can deal with over testing without talking about the legal and the lawsuits. when you go to the emergency room you overtested but the threat of a lawsuit that prompts so were of that. the decisions of overor undertesting should be made the old fashioned way a decision between the doctor or patient so when the government or insurance companies are involved, third party payment encourages overtesting, as well and when that happens there is sort of a rationing and the insurance company will rash on, by making you get preapproval and dictate how you practice medicine but when the government gets involved, and this could be trying to head off the rationing in the concern about everexpenditure --. >>neil: that is exactly what, that was my follow-up question, whether that is what is going on and the doctors and this group
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is saying, all right, ahead of that, here is this. >>guest: yes, i think so because the insurance companies are in bed with the government. when this is negotiations in washington, whether it is prescription drug programs or health care, the health companies, the insurance companies, are very much involved in the drug companies, as well, so, they are very close to government, and blue cross-blue shield started to work closely with medicare and medicaid so i don't think it is so easy to separate those two but if doctors and patients have the control and patients head the medical savings account and they go to the doctor and decide on this, that is who is supposed to be making the decisions, not blanket decisions but every professional group, i am an ob/gyn doctor, i would be influenced in my thinking if i
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went to regular meetings but medicine is too much complicated and we have too much government and when you purchase machine into anything the expenses are up, whether it is education, housing or medicine, prices go up, and that is what is coming when you worry about rationing care. >>neil: congressman, on with what the president has been saying about the supreme court and justification advertises and their role about being activists, and what have you, and political activism, be that as it may i am thinking that someone told them on the court he will go down on this, i don't know if that is right but what do you think it is, i would not call it belligerent but clearly in your face approach to the supreme court. >>guest: well, it is more than he should be but that is what the tradition of the presidents have been in the last half century, the president writes too many executive orders and
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they act outside the law and go do war without declaration. to overstep and tell the supreme court what to do or to have political influence that is to be expected. the question of judicial review should be rethought because in our history, and jefferson did not think about it but if it was a bad law and unconstitutional and the states did not like it they did not have to live by it or if they did not like what the congress was doing and they did these things we would throw our congressmen out. originally it was never thought that the supreme court was to have control over every piece of legislation. look at the power of one supreme court justice. one justice can make all the difference in the world on this. say they were trying to do some go and one justice ruled against it, and canceled it out. >>neil: that might happen here. justice kennedy if that role. we had three more primaries last night and you didn't win any and you have yet to win, you have
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come close in a lot of them, sir, but it is a tough road for you, now, is it not? is it your view romney is the inevitable nominee? >>guest: he is getting pretty close to that but, you know, the straw votes are not the final tally. the tally are the delegates and we have several states it is up to six, where we can win the plurality if those states and carry those delegations. so, it is a challenge but we are fighting the lack of coverage that we get. last night, we had 6,200 show up at the university and i looked --. >>neil: a record crowd. >>guest: i looked at the internet and they said, where is ron paul? he disappeared, he is quiet these days of course we did not think we were quiet last night, we had a great turn out but, you know, we have to buck the trends and the status quo and the people in charge are not too interested in hearing the
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challenges i have. >>neil: but you are saying you are saying in the race. you are not going anywhere. and newt gingrich does not look continue leaving and rick santorum staying on through pennsylvania at least, so, you guys are sticking this through, right? >>guest: well, that is what the people who support me want me to do because they don't think we should quit when we are only halfway through the race. there are a lot of people working their way through the delegate process and that take as while and that could be until june. >>neil: but to what end, congressman in it is a given you will have a big role at the convention, romney has told me that himself. but beyond that, what would you want? >>guest: well, what i want is to live in a flow country. and i believe we are going in the wrong direction we do more harm to ourselves, undermining
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our civil liberties and our financial situation is much worse than the people understand, and we fight wars that we should not be fighting so this is what i want to change. and we are getting the support especially from the young people and they don't like what they are getting and i think we are in the midst of a real serious intellectual revolution not only because people are changing their mind but the system we have is failing. more and more people are realizing the foreign policy is a failure, monetary policy is a failure and the federal reserve is failing. >>neil: i am not blowing you smoke, congressman but i have covered you through many years and you are as honest as the day is long and prescient on the economic developments long before anyone else. you have a role to play. a big role. thank you. >> meanwhile to the freak out when the free money just runs
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>>neil: students at the community college pepper sprayed when they are upset about a hike on frees. can you expect more of this stuff as government funds dry up. but they are going to dry up. >>guest: well, of course. and probably faster than people think. but this is, to looks a little like grease. >>neil: it does. it does. i don't if the authorities everreacted but they are upset because normally, it is almost
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free for community colleges there. >>guest: this is mob rule. this is a mob and all the students should be put on probation. or expelled. the board of trustees had a plan. it was aired. there is a way to complain about a plan but benching into a trustees meeting as a mob is not the way to do it. >> the greece analogy was good because by comparison the students at that college are paying a fraction of what greek students have to pay in similar situations. of course they don't have community colleges. >>guest: or what their education actually costs, they want free education. well, we have free contraceptives, why not free education, free food, free shelter. that is where this is going. what is driving it is the
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anarchy communist left, the occupy movement, across the country, which is involved, also, in the uc davis incident. you cannot have mobs running around leak that. you cannot have that kind of disrespect for other people's opinions and other people's --. >>neil: you are right about this. i do think and i am not trying to scare americans but what we see happening in greece you take entitledments away, you take them away or adjust them and in santa monica they were not charging what they do at harvard but slightly, slightly, rearrange things. and the people went nuts. they went nuts. >>guest: it is worse. they did not change the tuition of the students who are there but they cut so many courses that they didn't have cores available fog students with wanted to intermediate so they
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offered it but at a premium to send you the trouble of waiting around another year to graduate. >>neil: can you imagine to you had to pay a higher tuition or if you, the kind of courses you want were canceled altogether, the kind of stuff that is routine in business, in life, just being part of this world. it will erupt. >>guest: do not blame the riots on short averages which everyone is responsible for because everyone participated in the situation and now we have to pay the price. you have to blame the political forces the entitlement mentality. >>neil: entitlement nation. >>guest: the democratic party is encouraging the occupy wall streeters. this is a threat to our society. people are for longer beginning law the political ross. >>neil: we will have a lot
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>>neil: the dow diving as the federal reserve hinted the future stimulus pay not be needed as the economy picks up. never mind they said the economy is picking unbut the stimulus could be taken away and the guys selling dropping 125 points. >> i say to my republican friends and i do have many, take back your party. this is the grand old party. >> take it back from whom? >> from extremist who take it over the edge, anti-government ideologue whose do not believe in a public space. >>neil: for those republicans
4:25 pm
who brought in to cut big spending out, house minority leader pelosi telling republican congressman to "get out." what do you say? >>guest: well, i do know that one day you are branded radical when you come up with something that makes sense and the same day you are labeled extremest by people who do understand extremism. i don't no if the country could be more extremely disappointed in the last 3 1/2 years than what going on with the administration. while she talks mice and says this, while she was a leader, they could not pass a budget. so, i am disappointed and i am extremely disappointed that the government is trying to take over a sixth of our economy with the health care, and appoint 15
4:26 pm
unelected people to make decisions on our health care. >>neil: it is ironic it could be unelected judiciary that rains on that unelected parade. >>guest: we did not know for sure. but it could happen. >>neil: what do you think of what she is saying about the tea party. she has never been a big fan but she liked the occupy wall street. she is saying this, too, shall pass. >>guest: but, again this is a group that likes to pick and choose winners and losers. tea party, bad. occupy, good. there are probably things about both. 50s some people like and some don't like. i thought the tea party say we have been taxed enough. that made sense. especially coming from the private second door and trying to get through higher taxes not just at the federal but state and local level. >>neil: are you a tea partyer? >>guest: i would say i embrace almost all of the principles, i would not be a family guy and the family loves me. >>neil: the family -- the tea
4:27 pm
party gives you know like you to >>guest: a lot of them are looking at the president and they want to change that. >>neil: they do not come off the bench immediately loving the guy but in the end, you seem to be saying their dislike of the president will trump their feelings about romney? >>guest: this is not president bush's fault. >>neil: things are getting better. >>guest: if you stay in washington, dc, things do get better. there is still time to go if the game. >>neil: you do not think the president --. >>guest: this is an old saying fool me once, shame on me. fool me twice, shame on me. >>neil: why is he doing so well in the polls and you are
4:28 pm
right, and the polls mean nothing but that is all i have to go on and the polls are good. >>guest: i think the president has a for rum to speak so he can say a lot of good things and he gets credit for things he did not have a lot to do with. when he showed up in oklahoma and talked about that part of the pipeline and we need to go forward and i said what about rest of it. mr. harper said, borrowing a line from the president, we cannot wait. well not wait for the united states who is our biggest customer right new --. >>neil: but he talked about that in the deal with china, from the prime minister harper. >> the very fact that something could be said, that underscores to our country we must diversify our energy export market. >>neil: he is saying you will not buy in america, we have the chinese buyers. >>guest: enough people in the open market it is a global economy if china is willing to buy that product, why should
4:29 pm
kansas slit? the spot saying, we just cannot wait. we cannot wait. i agree we cannot wait. finish the keystone xl pipeline and make sure that canada understands we will buy the oil. >>neil: and natural gas? in pennsylvania you have found out you are sitting on tons of it. environmentalists are saying, go slow. >>guest: listen, i don't think any of us want to take a chance with our water or air but we do not want to take a chance with our economic freedom. you can do three things, export, bring it out of the ground, extract it and recollect the vehement. that could create over two million jobs and i am not talking about minimum wage jobs but talking about the friday being replaced, and family sustaining jobs. the skies are getting bluer, the son is getting more shiny and we have to take advantage of what god gave us beneath the surface. the president says all of the above, and i say don't forget the below. we have good soil and potable
4:30 pm
water. >>neil: rick santorum says he is in it to win but should he be given the second half a second thought? [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. that's good for oucountry's energy security
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but now that you bring it up ... >>neil: romney laughing over whether he would be asking other candidates to drop out. or had. and my guest says if you are rick santorum with home state primary a few weeks away it is time to do soul-searching. pollster is here, andy smiths, santorum could lose it, anyway, and could compound the sin. >>guest: right, this is the time in any campaign where the, this is, one candidate who is identified as the likely winner and the other candidates are largely playing out the string. for santorum the biggest problem is the states that are coming up, new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and delaware are not particularly favorable to him and his home state of pennsylvania is probably beginning to be slipping into the romney column because voters at this time of the game are looking for a winner. they want someone would can be the strongest candidate up against president obama and how do you know if you have a winner?
4:35 pm
winners win. losers lose. and romney has been demonstrating he can win, santorum, not so much. so, it will be a tough decision that santorum will have to make but a decisions he will have to make eventually. >> this is going to be decided by polls if he gets an indication that his state that was heavy double digit in keystone is down to single digits which it is, and shrinking all the more, which it is, then he would bail out i think. >>guest: well, polls will be an indication or certainly a strong indicator for him, but, also, it will be a money situation. candidates drop out when they run out of money and there is no reason for people who is been funding santorum to say, well, we will back money. are throwing good money after bad and the polling issue for santorum is tough because this are three weeks, thousand, between, until the pennsylvania primary, and the narrative over the next these weeks is going to
4:36 pm
be romney will be all but official nominee. how is santorum going to change what? what i see happening is that romney will get, continue to get the big name endorsements and he will probably get big name endorsements from people in pennsylvania like a tom ridge and i would not be surprised to see someone like a newt gingrich use this opportunity, the three weeks to say it is time to step back and see him endorse someone like romney the tip -- the writing is on the wall. >>neil: you gives follow this better than i do, and romney still a long way from the 1,144. he has the biggest lead, but, are we closing this door too soon. >>guest: well, it is about at the time that republicans expected it to be closed. if you look at the republican
4:37 pm
calendar of rules they is dragged the process longer getting rid of some of the front loading we have seen previously but this is the point a month later, but appoint the point if terms of the number of delegates this have been voted for which the nomination was sewn up in 2008 and it is just a positive later because of the scheduling of the primaries and caucuses, and, the debates is probably gone on as long as republicans have anticipated and after april 1st they could start having winner take all contests again not primary. >>neil: that changes everything. >>guest: that is when the candidates start to roll up delegates so it would be over very quickly after this. >>neil: all good points. thank you. >>guest: your welcome. >>neil: from car chases to lindsay lohan and the media is there. why?
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>>neil: forget media bias, is the media just shallow? >> we cover drama, endlessly. >> do not bore them. it is not necessary. >> look what some people call news. >> next, zombies and chain saws. all thank you is today? of course my network spends time on bouncing bears. >> too bad they didn't use the trampoline. >> i like watching this. it grabs my attention. for my show i do things like taking a cheney saw to the budget. getting a pedicure from fish. and breaking windows. is this new? >> you can give the viewer as laugh and still bring them the news.
4:42 pm
>> dead more people say they get their news from real comedians. >> that is why you know him so well. >> everything is changing and glenn beck says my tv show is toast. >> you don't need that anymore. what about buying? when you are around the same people all day you cannot see your own bias. >> the media and how we get it wrong. that is our show. >> i wanted to have a prop here but we don't have one. >> what are you saying? >> i am saying we are a business, we are shallow and what gets me is the disgust, the important stuff if life happens slowly, and it is the invention of the computer chill or the birth control pill or the woman's movement, how attitudes change, slowly. we are not good at covering that but the pilot would went crazy in the plane, but planes almost never crash. we cover today's accidents. >>neil: that is why we cover
4:43 pm
the plane crashes because it did not crash. >>guest: but it is not news to say the planes flew --. >>neil: but we cover the unusual, isn't that the nature? if it is unusual like a captain freaking out on a plane. >>guest: all right but when the plane crashes and we cover that endlessly, we are live at the scene, we don't know everything but we will tell you what we don't know, like, four whose, fewer people fly the next day or people drive to grandma's house for easter, and, so, that is murder we commit. we encourage people to drive. when flying is safer. >> what do we do? what are you saying we have to do? >> i wish we paid more attention to the big issues that the country is bankrupt and medicare. >> but this is a good example.
4:44 pm
>> we should embrace this. we are in a business and we want did entertain and thank goodness we have more choice. when walter conkrite said that is the way it is, that is all we had and i lived at abc. >>neil: when high dad was alive --. >> we had three channels and now we have fox and the other choices and that is improved. >>neil: you can catch this and more and what i like about john when he does this, he picks on the network that employs him which is nice, he took out megyn, and ship. >>guest: it is easier to get the video from fox. >>neil: if i appear ship or -- shepard smith or megyn --. >>guest: megyn was happy to come on the show and talk. we have an open debate about
4:45 pm
these things. >>neil: we do. now this. there are certain tricks of the trade helping homeowners make the move now. and now, we have been talking to the pros. >> realtors say it is about finding the right realtor and now how tough it has been for them to stay in the game as a realtor in the recent market. in the midst of the boom, the number of realtors and the amount of money was at height in 2007 and now the realtor whose called it quits is 25 percent, and paul bishop says there are longer hours and small are paychecks. >> it has been tough for a lot of realtors because they are working as hard and sometimes harder in the case of working with sellers who are underwater or distressed transactions.
4:46 pm
>> and beverly has been making it in the business for 25 years in the washington, dc area, and she remembers the boom five or six short years ago and says in this market roughly 4 percent of her colleagues, realtors, have left the business. and slow said you is to be aggressive, and realtors have to be committed to working long work weeks and working with first time buyers and getting involved in the foreclosure market. >> you have to learn how to talk on the phone, would expect, learn social media, you have to really be willing to do proactive things, you cannot just wait for the phone to ring. it doesn't work that way. >> a number realtors say social media is the key. you is to be willing to dive into new technology whether it is holding virtual meetings or tours, or tweeting out hot new listings or photographs your police ten -- lifting like any other small business.
4:47 pm
neil? >>neil: thank you. first the warning. now the explaining. time is almost up for the justice department to say "would can smack down." .
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>>neil: time is running out for the justice department facing a deadline to explain whether the administration thinks judges can strike down federal laws, the president's warning for the supreme court on its health care law decision sparks this whole thing and a number of justices got back and said, you have some explaining to do. judge, what do you make of the judges and their request? >>judge napolitano: usually when the president says something at a press conference in a year he is running for re-election it does not get
4:51 pm
inside a courtroom. it is not like the government's lawyers said this to a court or the government's lawyers said this in writing but what he said was so profound and so contrary to over 200 years of settled law that it struck a raw nerve with the judges in houston who basically said before we go any further, do you recognize our authority to strike down portions of this law? >>neil: they were all conservative judges and the wrap is they have a political a. >>judge napolitano: thugs should not get involved in politics. they should not have concerned themselves with what the president --. >>neil: but they said they did because the president was involved. >>judge napolitano: now the president is involved. the attorney general has been involved. he has been ordered to submit a three page letter, and he has to fill the three pages explaining, justifying the budget's position which is impossible to justify. >>neil: what if he doesn't? >>judge napolitano: he could be held in contempt because it
4:52 pm
was a direct order that the three judges voted that was directed at the attorney general. the attorney general himself. and you and i have disagreed many times he is a former judge he knows the president was speaking and the court has the right to strike down unconstitutional law and he will say that tomorrow at 12:00 noon. >>neil: what is going on with the president and the way he has been speaking out against the court? my opinion is some little birdie in there got wind of the possibility you will lose this, and i have in proof of this, so, now, now, now, i am thinking after that he now is putting them on-the-spot in a different way than he did on the floor of the house when he ripped them a new one, and what is that about? judge mathis: i think the president is dangerously close to totalitarianism. a few months ago he said that the congress doesn't count. the congress doesn't mean
4:53 pm
anything. and i'm going do rule by decree and by administration regulation and now he is saying that the supreme court doesn't count and it doesn't matter what they think, they cannot review our legislation. that would leave just him as the only branch of government standing so i think he has some problems with understanding the constitution or accepting limitations on his power. there are equal branches of the government but with respect to what the law means and what the constitution means, the court is superior to the president. >> but other presidents have survived, and --. >>judge napolitano: they have. i don't if he will be re-elected but in president in modern times has questioned their authority, they have questioned the way the authority has been exercised. >>neil: questioned their decisions and all. >>judge napolitano: but not the right to make the decision. this is an extreme view of the supreme court and the constitution, one that has not been articulated since andrew jackson was in the white house.
4:54 pm
>>neil: you were there. >>judge napolitano: i was this but i did not advise him. i told him not to say it. >>neil: judge, thank you. first on fox, fox business network. you dent get -- didn't get it last night? you missed a lot. . [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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4:58 pm
hat-trick to win in three key contests that are supposedly his bread and butter, his inner strength, his more moderate base if you will in the face of wisconsin, in the district of columbia, and in maryland. >> i think the track record of the incumbent is an abysmal one and the american people are going to change leaders come this november. >> take a look. 40% of people making under $50,000, these are not the people that own nascar teams. they are still voting for mitt romney 40%. 33%, santorum. 15% gingrich. 10% for paul. that is a really big change. >> do you love this? are you as nerdy about the exit polls as i am? >> not remotely. but you do a good job. >> listen to francis what is happening across the earth. not that they're rivetting by a campaign that far but kind of concerned about the ongoing direction of the economy. >> i think our best night was in iowa, voter -- >> you were like the end of
4:59 pm
the telethon. >> you and i were at the end of the telethon. >> laughing and making it up as we went along. the most fun i had -- >> not supposed to admit that. >> nobody had a script. >> we were winging it, man. >> we can now call wisconsin for mitt romney. that was all the votes. we think governor romney will end up winning wisconsin. and complete the trifecta tonight. >> i heard it from you first, pal. >> a bit of a delay getting to governor romney. and in milwaukee, having some audio problems, audio glitches. benny, they need you. you got to go over there. >> i agree. >> neil: there you go. what are you doing? what are you watching reruns on another business network? you want to make money or do you want to move ahead? you want an edge or you want to sit on your couch and watch numbers go by the screen? and not know.


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